August 19, 2011

My Thoughts on Warzone: Huttball

Warzone: Huttball is the most recent announcement from Gamescon and this Friday update over on the official SW:TOR website, it has garnered mixed reviews from a lot of people on the various forums and places that have sprung up. Of course, the most hardcore naysayers are those that are generally throwing out words I've talked about already; immersion. Honestly, at this point I definitely do feel they don't know what that word means.

My personal view on Huttball; honestly if people wanted something new and different, well hell look no further. I don't think I would of ever thought up something like this anytime on my own, and the ironic thing is when I was a kid I loved an arcade game based on Rugby (I even think that was it's name, but I am not sure) where it was basically set in a medieval time period with two teams basically playing rugby, with all sorts of hazards on the field, swords and including a troll. It was a fun game if not silly. And that's what Huttball is reminding me of.

Of course, I am sure 'The Pit' is going to be much different than the field of rugby, and the traps definitely look more hazardous but from the concepts I've seen this looks like it will actually be something injected, especially on the side of PvP, that will be fun and different from the tired old tripe of kill till someone dies or just sit and hold a point until a counter runs up or out.

Some will compare Huttball to Capture the Flag style game play, and in a way I guess it shares some similarities, but I don't recall having to run the flag to the enemy side to win. This is going to be a true e-sport in the most basic sense of the word. There are goal posts on either side and players are being encouraged to basically play rugby. Honestly, I can't wait to try this out because it is definitely something new and different, at least on the front of the MMO side of things.

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