July 24, 2011

Ode to The Current Generation (short blog)

Self-entitlement seems to be an exceptionally powerful thing. Very powerful indeed with the latest generation of iPod users and people who just plop their signature down on anything people wave a pen, real or electronic, without bothering to read what they are signing. This little debate actually started just now because, of course, the self-entitled age is now in an uproar that a company has made their plans publicly known to them instead of hiding their practices in a ton of jargon.

It simply amazes me to how people will defend another company that does the exact same thing, but those same people refuse to accept that it happens anywhere else because, as typical, they didn't read their contract. I can do nothing but facepalm at this generations ability to ignore everything.

Hell sat back and got a good laugh because someone called me an idiot after I said straight up you never own the game, you only license it. People; this is true. You never own the game. You might of paid $50 to $60 bucks for it, but you never own it. The game is still rightfully the creators. You license it. All the license gives you is the right to play the game and that's pretty much it. You can try to slice it any way you want, but just because you might have a physical disk doesn't mean you own it, and hell if you want further proof go to your steam account page. It will straight up say at the top Licenses + Subscriptions right over your games.

Been seeing a lot of self entitlement proclamations lately and it has been rather jarring how stupid people have become. My favorite, of course, are people trying to use the US Constitution as a shield. It's even funnier when someone outside the country tries to use it claiming they know it better than Americans. Here's a quick education; The United States Constitution protects the US citizens from misuse by the US Government. It only affects the US Government. Privately owned businesses and corporations are unaffected by it.

Just so much going on that is nothing but one facepalm after another. Is it really a wonder that the global economy is falling apart when people are saying crap like that from other countries, not just the US?

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